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About us

Hotel Buenavista Bacalar Retreat - Yoga & Meditation Included

The Buenavista Bacalar hotel also offers an environmentally designed pool, so that our guests can cool off at any time of the day. To complement this, they have access to the Sunrise SUP (additional cost), an exclusive beach club in front of the beautiful lagoon of the seven colors.

Thanks to the privileged location of the Buenavista Bacalar hotel, our guests can be transported through the archaeological sites of the Mayan world that surround the region, or perhaps opt for an incredible sailing trip along the Costa Azul of the lagoon, which will allow them to enjoy a dreamy sunset. Opting for the simple pleasure of walking through the streets of the town of Buenavista is also an excellent idea, which allows you to discover the exuberant and beautiful flora and fauna of the area.

Because it is located in a town with a unique culinary tradition and great gastronomic talent, the Buenavista hotel offers you the concept of “Local cuisine”, which will allow you to taste the best and most traditional local dishes. Breakfasts are included in this incredible experience, so that you just dedicate yourself to enjoying yourself.

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